August 9, 2012

An Introduction to 'Enterprise Service Bus' Development with NServiceBus

About the Topic:

As software professionals, we are regularly asked to deliver high quality solutions that draw upon multiple disparate sources of information and data within our organizations. Sometimes, we’re asked to integrate data that is external in its origin via business partners, customers, or service providers. Other times we are faced with the challenge of completing projects where interacting with multiple well established (i.e. - older) line of business data systems is a requirement, and those systems can’t be changed due to the processes they currently support. Many times these data integration requests end up being subcomponents of a much larger and overarching business process or product goal (or perhaps we’re reminding folks they ‘should be’ if they are not currently being considered in this context). For those software builders that face the challenge of how to bring all these different components under ‘one roof’ with a goal of standardizing how distributed business subsystems interact and exchange data with one another as a unified process, Enterprise Service Bus architecture principles can add real value. This session will introduce you to the core concepts and technologies at play within NServiceBus, as well as walk through several .NET projects that will demonstrate these principles in action. Come learn about how you can harness the power of highly reliable messaging queuing and delivery through NServiceBus to the benefit of your organization and your future projects.

About the Speaker:

Jeremy Davis works as a Solutions Architect at Vestcom International in Little Rock, AR which is a shelf-edge marketing service provider for many of the major grocery and retail store chains in the United States. He has worked as an active software engineer, team leader, R&D lead, or architect for the last fourteen years and has had the great opportunity to work alongside many fantastic peers to design, develop, and launch successful software solutions for organizations both large and small throughout the world. With primary focus on emerging technologies and new product development, he’s regularly involved in identifying and designing ways to leverage technology to solve tough problems in new and innovative ways.


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