October 11, 2016

Electron - Building Desktop Apps like a Web Dev

About The topic

Web technologies and javascript frameworks have exploded over the past few years. They promise unprecedented levels of productivity, beautiful user interfaces, and boat loads of hipster street cred. But sometimes you need a desktop app, and you’re back to fretting about cross platform and writing in different frameworks than you’re used to. Enter electron: a framework for building cross platform desktop apps using web technologies. Now you can leverage your existing knowledge (and potentially even your existing code base) to develop great looking desktop apps.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to get up and going building awesome apps with the electron framework

About the Speaker

Kyle is a dad to a spirited one-year-old and software developer for CareEvolution – a healthcare software company. He spends his days in c#, javascript, powershell, and sql server, and his nights tripping over toys and wiping up sticky things.


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