March 14, 2013

Async and Await - A synchronous approach to asynchronous problems

About the Topic:

Developing multi-threaded applications is no easy task. It requires a thorough understanding of the problem domain and planning to effectively create a multi-threaded application; and not everything can or should be “threaded.” However, with the new Async and Await features of the .NET Framework, that task has just become much simpler and the code easier to understand. It now allows writing code that looks and “feels” synchronous, which is easier to comprehend, but still runs asynchronously, all with the help of the compiler. We will explore the new Async and Await features and find out when you should use them over conventional threading primitives and when they should be avoided; how they can help you develop responsive user interfaces and generally develop clearer, cleaner and more understandable multi-threaded code even if no user interface is involved.

About the Speaker:

Mike Andrews is currently a software engineer with Vestcom, Inc., building custom solutions to meet customer data needs. Mike has more than 18 years of experience working on a variety of projects from the very simple to the complex and has worked at companies in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas, and has even had his own consulting business for a time. Mike has experience in front-end design, back-end database development, and everything else in between. He originally learned programming on a TI-99/4A computer and has been hooked ever since. The majority of his education has come from the University of Hard Knocks, including self-study, peers and tackling the problems at hand. He is excited about programming and coding and looking forward to see what software development challenges come in the future.


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