August 11, 2020

Fast Track To Microsoft Certifications

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The Fast Track to Microsoft Certifications in 30 days

Do you want to learn how to improve your study habits and capabilities?

Come learn about how I passed 7 exams in 21 days and how to build a personal learning road map.

I will share study shortcuts and tips that you can use beyond certifications.

Microsoft Certification Overview Exam Process Understand What is on an exam Training & Practice Tests Study & Note taking Tips Discovering Your Preferred Learning Methods

About the Speakers

Aaron is a Cloud Solutions Architect with Microsoft focusing on migrating applications to the cloud. Aaron is also the President of the Fort Smith Tech Users Group since April 2018.

Aaron started as a developer and later served as a Manager of Developers, Business Analysts, Test Analysts, Vendor Managers. During his twenty plus years, Aaron has worked in banking, electric utilities, health care, transportation.

Aaron is an analytical and solution-oriented professional with expertise in guiding teams to improve efficiency by identifying the core issues.

In his free time, Aaron enjoys music and food festivals, video games, the occasional workout, and spending time with his family.


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