August 8, 2013

How to Code Kata

About the Topic:

Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels at work doing the same thing? Maybe you are solving problems but never really increasing your knowledge? The tech industry is constantly changing and evolving and to keep up with the latest technologies can be difficult. Code Kata is a technique that can help sharpen your skills and stay up with new technologies. Whether you are an experienced software developer or fresh out of college, come join us to learn more about how code kata can help you sharpen your skills as a software developer. If you have a laptop bring it! We plan to pair-program through some actual code katas. It will be a fun night of learning and as always a great time to get to know more people in the Central Arkansas Tech Community.

About the Speaker:

Paul Gower is a software developer with a passion for developing good quality code and encouraging other developers to do the same. He has been developing enterprise software with Microsoft technologies for the past twelve years. He has worked the past seven years as a Technical Lead at Edgewater Technologies which is headquartered in Wakefield, MA.


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