Little Rock .NET User Group is organized by an Executive Board, consisting of six elected officials, including the President, Vice President, and four board members.

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The President and Vice President have the following specified duties.


A. Oversees all functions of the user group. The President delegates authority to other Executive Board members as needed for conducting the required operations of the group. The President is responsible for scheduling regular meetings with the Executive Board to discuss matters concerning the group.
B. The President should provide guidance to each of the Executive Board members as needed for them to perform their duties. In the event that Executive Board member positions are not filled or Executive Board members are not able to perform their duties, it is the responsibility of the President to see that the necessary work is performed.
C. The President is responsible for training the Vice President to take over as President at the end of their term. Before finalizing their term, the President should handover all necessary information/authorities to the Vice President.

Vice President

A. Assists the President with leading the user group as directed. The Vice President should learn the responsibilities of the other Executive Board members, train new Executive Board members, and prepare for service as President. The Vice President should act as the President in situations where the President is not available.
B. Serves as the group Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining an accurate accounting of the user group’s funds; including the incoming donations and out-going expenses. The treasurer should learn and understand tax rules concerning the user group and work with the President in making the necessary filings.

Board Member Roles

The four board members will assign amongst themselves an area of primary responsibility from the roles below at the first Executive Board meeting following elections. All members of the Executive Board are expected to support each other in performing these duties as necessary.

Event Coordinator

A. The Event Coordinator develops relationships with venues/facilities in which the group meets. Using these relationships, they manage the event schedule to ensure the venue is available for the scheduled events.
B. The Event Coordinator also inquires on behalf of the user group with various industry leaders, INETA representatives, speakers at other .NET user groups, Microsoft Evangelists, members interested in presenting, as well as past presenters to schedule speakers for the monthly meetings.
C. The Event Coordinator should work with the President in making a schedule for future presenters.
D. Responsible for marketing activities related to regular meetings or special events.

Sponsorship Coordinator

A. The Sponsorship Coordinator represents the user group by establishing relationships with various vendors who are or might be interested in providing in-kind give-aways or services and/or donations for monthly meetings or other scheduled events.
B. Responsible for marketing activities related to sponsors.


A. The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the user group’s website, special event pages, and Executive Board member email mailboxes. The Web Master represents the user group in establishing a relationship with the hosting service, managing user ids and passwords to various services, and providing means for group publications…
B. The Webmaster should work with the President in making decisions affecting the marketing of the group, designs and layouts of the web sites, posting of various information on the group’s website, etc.
C. Responsible for marketing activities related to website features and functionality.

Membership Coordinator

A. The Membership Coordinator is responsible for recruitment and campaigns intended to grow the membership base.
B. The Membership Coordinator is also responsible for researching technical events, training, and certification opportunities for club members and providing occasional reports to the President for consideration in announcing to the group and/or posting on the user group’s website.
C. Responsible for marketing activities related to member recruitment and sharing technical events, training, and certification opportunities.

All Executive Board members provide council to the President as they feel necessary in helping with making decisions that affect the User Group.

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